Frequently Asked Question

Why won't my GS-911 read any of the ECUs?

The GS-911 is not getting any response from the ECU(s).  This could be because of several reasons.

  1. That you are connecting to the wrong (top-box) plug, especially on RT and GT/L models.
  2. That you are choosing the wrong model.
  3. The ECU is not powered or not in a condition / able to reply.
    • Immobilizer/Alarm still engaged
    • kill switch NOT in the RUN position
    • Ignition NOT ON
    • Neutral NOT selected.
  4. The diagnostic connection between the connector and the engine controller is severed (highly unlikely, but possible) or short-circuited.


The best way to check diagnostic connectivity would be to have the bike in Neutral, and start it... while it's idling connect GS-911 and connect to the Engine controller - If you can connect, then you've had one of the issues in (3) above... if you can't then you have a (4) wiring problem.

If you suspect a wiring problem, also perform the Diagnostic Interface Test to check the connector pins for short circuits.