Tech Info

Here you will find technical information related to electrical/electronic problems and/or diagnostic procedures for BMW motorcycles.

RDC – Tire Pressure Sensors : learning a sensor

EWS – Electronic Immobilizer found on all CAN-bus based BMW motorcycles

EFC – Electronic Fuel-pump Controller on all CAN-bus based BMW motorcycles

IAC – Idle Actuator Calibration for all CAN-bus based BMW motorcycles

Sidestand – Eliminating the Sidestand switch on CAN-bus based motorcycles

G450X – Wiring Diagram and other information on the BMW G450X

Lambda – Interpreting and understanding Oxygen sensor voltages and Lambda Control Factors

Tank Calibration – Reserve light calibration on MA2.4 (non-CAN) models

DWA – Alarm configuration on K024 chassis bikes (CAN-bus based motorcycles)

ABS – ABS history and specifications on K1X and K024 chassis bikes