Frequently Asked Question

How do I test the diagnostic interface?

In order to test the diagnostic interface between the GS911 device and the bike, you can navigate to Setup->Test Diagnostic Connector.

An expected response would include:

  • The total time the device has been booted up.
  • The bike battery voltage as measured on the VBat pin with the engine off but the ignition on (should be above 12.3V to perform service functions safely)
  • The bike Ignition pin voltage (should indicate KL15 voltage or slightly below for K24 chassis bikes, 0 or slightly above for K001 chassis bikes).
  • The USB voltage (should be above 4.7V if USB connected)
  • K-line statuses should be 'Tested OK' if not shorted to GND or VCC
  • Protocol will be CAN or K-line

Diagnostic Connector