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Functionality Modes and Updates

Service functionality includes the ability to do service reminder resets, output tests, calibrations, ABS bleed tests, clearing and relearning of adaptations and much more.

The Service functionality is available offline with the standalone PC application.

Cloud functionality operates over the internet and provides service functionality, remote control and software updates to GS-911wifi devices and GS-911 applications.

Cloud functionality is supported on all platforms with an HTML 5 browser (Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, etc).

Emergency functionality is embedded in the GS-911wifi unit. It allows the user to view the ECU information, read and clear fault codes on all control units, as well as view real-time sensor values for all engine control units.

The Emergency functionality is available offline for all applications.

Software updates are performed via the internet and include regular functionality, new motorcycle models and the latest fault code database updates.

the HEX GS-911

Functionality and Wifi modes