How to

Connect your GS-911 to your bike

Select your connector style below to reveal the relevant device connection instructions.
Alternatively locate the diagnostic port on your bike.

10-pin Round

How to connect the round 10-pin GS-911 to your bike’s diagnostic port:

  1. Hold the GS-911 device with the WIFI logo facing upward. Twist the connector ring all the way to the left.
  2. With the WIFI logo facing upward, insert the GS-911 into the motorcycle’s diagnostic port. The diagnostic port’s red tab should be at the bottom.
  3. Once inserted, lock the GS-911’s connector ring by twisting it completely to the right.

16-pin OBD-II

How to connect the OBD-II 16-pin GS-911 to your bike’s diagnostic port:

The GS-911 male connector is designed specifically to fit the shape of the female diagnostic ports on all new EU-4 compliant BMW motorcycles featuring female OBD-II diagnostic ports.

Insert the GS-911’s male connector into the motorcycle’s OBD-II female diagnostic port, and push until it clicks into place.

  1. The GS-911 male connector
  2. The OBD-II female diagnostic port
  3. Insert the GS-911 male connector into the motorcycle’s OBD-II female diagnostic port.

Using an
Adaptor Cable

GS-911 Adaptor Cables- making your GS-911 forward and backward compatible:

The GS-911 models come with either
10-pin (round) or 16-pin (OBD-II) connectors.

This development was driven by the new OBD-II diagnostic connectors featured on the newer EU-4 compliant BMW Motorrad models. However, if you need to use your 10-pin GS-911 on a
motorcycle with an OBD-II connector, or vice versa, we offer adaptor cables which allow you to do just that.

Adaptor cables available:

  • Female Adaptor Cable – 16-pin OBD-II to 10-pin round
  • Male Adaptor Cable – 10-pin round to 16-pin OBD-II