Frequently Asked Question

Why does my antivirus software complain?

Some anti-virus packages (like BitDefender, MalwareBytes, McAffee etc.) flag the GS-911 software as containing a virus or trojan. Contrary to what we all would like to believe, anti-virus software is never perfect and it must be understood that they all use best-effort methods to detect malicious software. A few of these anti-virus packages are designed to be over-eager and have a higher chance of false positive detections, which is very likely the case for warnings about GS-911 software that you download directly from our web site.

False positives often happen to smaller vendors like us who produce specialist software that are not used by millions of people. The manufacturers of these anti-virus packages usually have a form on their web site where you can submit false positive detections for analysis. Unfortunately, there are so many different anti-virus vendors these days that it is impossible for us to submit our software to all of them for every new update we release. But you can help!

It is always good to be cautious when seeing such warnings from your anti-virus software, but fortunately there are some tools and techniques available to help you feel confident that our software is safe to use:

Download source

Firstly, please always ensure that you download the GS-911 software tools only from our web site. We do not support GS-911 software that are downloaded from any other source, except for certain cases where we provide temporary downloads to resolve customer helpdesk tickets.

Digital signatures

We sign all our Windows executable files so that Windows can verify that nothing has tampered with the file. To check the signature, right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select Properties. Look on the Digital Signatures panel and double-click the HEX Microsystems entry if it exists. If Windows indicates that the digital signatures on our installer and application executable are valid (ie. signed by "HEX Microsystems (Pty) Ltd") then it is safe to use.

On-line virus scanners

In the modern age where everything is available on-line, you will easily find virus scanning web sites that can scan a single file with many different anti-virus packages. You can upload our software to these scanners for analysis and confirm that the popular anti-virus packages recognize our software as virus-free. One popular scanner is VirusTotal, and you can see results of recent scans for the GS-911 software and utilities from these links:

Name Results
GS-911 Diagnostics v2312.5 Windows PC installer VirusTotal analysis
GS-911 Diagnostics v2312.5 Windows PC application VirusTotal analysis
GS-911 Legacy V2301.1 Windows PC installer VirusTotal analysis
GS-911 V1911.2 Downloader VirusTotal analysis
GS-911wifi Utility V2203.1 for Windows VirusTotal analysis