Frequently Asked Question

How do I troubleshoot GS-911 WiFi problems?
Symptom Probable cause
The device does not switch to Infrastructure mode when using the toggle button An Infrastructure Access Point has not yet been configured and saved or previously successfully connected to. First setup a new WiFi connection.
My WiFi Access Point does not show in the Setup -> WiFi Setup -> Scan list Your AP is not configured to support 802.11b/g channels 1-11 on 2.4Ghz according to the specification or it is too far out of range.
The Infrastructure LED does not turn green when trying to connect Blinking green - trying to obtain an IP address from the WiFi access point

Blinking red - Busy scanning for any WiFi access points that match the known pre-configured networks

Solid red - Trying to connect to the access point with the provided mode and password

The device double beeps every time it comes within range of the WiFi access point This indicates a connection to the network. Sounds can be disabled under the Options -> Sound menu
My phone does not want to stay connected in D2D mode,
or does not discover a device connected with D2D mode.
Newer phones are often configured to not stay connected to a WiFi network if it does not have internet connectivity. You either have to set it to explicitly do so and/or disable mobile data.
E.g. on newer Android devices you will see a warning "Internet may not be available" with the options:
- Connect only this time
- Always connect
- Disconnect
Even after selecting "Connect only this time" or "Always connect" you might still not be able to connect to the GS-911wifi because the phone is falling back to mobile data in parallel. To then make it work you can disable "Switch to mobile data" in the "Intelligent Wi-Fi" settings menu, or disable the phone's mobile data. On iOS devices you can disable "Wi-Fi Assist" in the Mobile Data Settings menu for the same.
Alternatively, configure your phone as a hotspot and let the GS-911 device connect to it instead
GS-911 has connected to a nework, but it is not detected in the WiFi Utility or the phone launcher app. Ensure that your laptop or phone is connected to the same network as the GS-911. Ensure that your WiFi AP router is not configured for client isolation.