Frequently Asked Question

Can't I just use my phone/tablet as a wifi hotspot?

Yes, one can configure the GS-911wifi to connect to the hotspot on your mobile phone, which means you can perform service functionality anywhere where there is mobile data coverage. Here are the steps in order to achieve this:

  1. For this step you'll have to navigate to your phone's Hotspot menu, and get the exact Hotspot name and password (including all apostrophes etc). On an iPhone the hotspot name can be found in the menu under General -> About -> Name
  2. Write this down, or remember both the hotspot name and password
  3. Next, plug in your GS-911wifi to your bike's diagnostic port and turn on the ignition so that it powers up
  4. On the GS-911wifi, ensure D2D mode is active by pressing the red button until the right-most LED is on (under the two WiFi symbols facing each other)
  5. On your phone open the WiFi menu and look for your GS-911wifi's network in the list (the network name should be GS911_[last 4 or 5 digits of the serial number of GS-911wifi], example GS911_7243
  6. Once connected to that network, open a browser and navigate to the following IP address: This can be typed into the top bar in the browser. Alternatively use the GS911 IOS or Android utility to locate and navigate to the device.
  7. After connecting to the web browser of the GS-911wifi, navigate to WiFi setup -> Add network manually. In this page you enter the network name of your hotspot into the SSID/Network name field, then select WPA/WPA2 encryption, then enter the password of your hotspot into the passphrase field
  8. After these details have been confirmed to be correct, select Save at the bottom of the page.
  9. On your phone, turn on the mobile hotspot and press the red button on the GS-911wifi so that the middle LED starts blinking. If the details that was entered in step 7 was correct, the GS-911wifi should connect to the hotspot.
  10. From your phone, navigate back to your internet browser, and in the top search bar enter  http://gs911_XXXX.local (with the XXXX being the last 4 or 5 digits of the device serial number, for example http://gs911_7243.local
  11. You should now have cloud access on your GS-911wifi without the need for a WiFi router


Please note:
The wifi module type in the GS-911 determines the Wifi network compatibility according to the Wifi Specifications.

Cloud service functions rely on the latest version of the firmware. You may be required to upgrade.

If the mobile signal on the phone is weak, cloud functions might time out or not load at all.