Frequently Asked Question

How do I setup a new Wifi Connection?

Normally a user would setup a Wifi Connection as described in Quick Start Guide using the PC Diagnostic Application or Wifi Utility. But sometimes this option is not practical or available.

How to Setup Wifi without a USB cable

  1. Ensure the GS911wifi device is in Device-To-Device (D2D) mode by using the toggle button at the back. The GS-911wifi will create a wifi network that other devices can see and connect to.
  2. Use your PC, phone or tablet to search for and connect to the GS-911_xxxx Wifi network. The xxxx will be the last 4 digits of the GS-911 serial number and no password is required.
  3. Open a browser and browse to . This is always the IP address of the GS-911wifi when in D2D mode.
  4. Select the Wifi Setup menu option and scan for available networks.
  5. Select your home/work Wifi network and complete the security key information etc. and select 'Connect'.
  6. The GS-911 will try to connect to the selected network. A successful connection will light the Wifi Infrastructure status LED green and a double beep will also be heard if sound is enabled.
  7. Switch your device (PC, phone, tablet) to the same wifi network and run the GS-911wifi utility or GS911launcher app to search for your GS-911wifi device and establish a connection or simply browse to http://gs911_XXXX.local if your OS has zeroConf/Bonjour support.


  • A maximum number of 10 wifi networks can be saved on the GS-911wifi network profile list.
  • A network is saved to the GS-911wifi network profile list, once it has successfully connected to that network the first time.
  • When the GS-911wifi is powered up, it will automatically connect to the network it was last connected to. If such network is not in range, it will scan for available networks, and if it finds an available network for which it has authentication details in its wifi profile list, it will connect to it.
  • If multiple networks are in range, that are also in the GS-911wifi's network profile list, it will connect to the one it most recently connected to.