Frequently Asked Question

How do I send my Debug log files?

The debug log files help us to analyze application, communication and other issues.  These should NOT be confused with the real-time log files, which are CSV-style files of your ECU sensor real-time/live data!

Using the Web App or GS-911 Diagnostics PC Application

  • Debugging should be enabled by default for the Diagnostics application so the following two steps should not be required.
  • Go to the Options panel and check the box for 'Debug Enable'
  • Select 'All debug messages' and 'Save' the Options configuration
  • Execute the required functions and perform all actions that you want logged
  • Go back to the Options panel and select 'View debug logs'
  • This displays a list of debug files with the file number of the latest log mentioned above the list
  • You can upload all your debug logs from here, or download individual log files
  • If attaching a single debug file to your email or support-ticket, do not paste the binary contents into the text, but rather attach the file

Using the Legacy GS-911 PC Application

  • Under Tools->Send Logs, just decide whether you want to send "Today's logs" or "This week's logs"
  • enter your email address - so we can contact you in case we have more questions
  • Add additional information, like the HelpDesk Ticket number or any other reference that we can connect to this set of log files.