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Tank Calibration

Tank Calibration on MA2.4 models

Some non-CAN models like the K1200 GT/LT/RS allow you to calibrate the Tank Reserve Light (the amount of fuel remaining in the tank at which the Tank Reserve Light will switch on).

GS-911 does not have a pin populated at pin position 3. This is the pin that is used to calibrate the Tank Reserve Light.

The following procedure should work on all models ranging from 99-05:

  1. Empty the thank and fill it with 4 liters (or your desired quantity).
  2. Make sure you have access to the diagnostic port of the Motorcycle and identify pin 3 and pin 4. If it has no pin 3, this procedure will NOT work.
  3. Turn the ignition on.
  4. On the diagnostic port, short pin 3 (brown/black) and pin 4 (brown) for two seconds. (make sure you have the CORRECT pins – you don’t want to short Battery voltage to GROUND by mistake).
  5. The thank reserve light should flash quickly. When the flashing ends, the calibration is complete.