June 15, 2022
June 2022 Software and Firmware upgrades

GS-911 Diagnostics Windows PC application functionality

  • Wi-Fi wireless connection mode in addition to cabled USB for offline Service Functionality. Workshops should find this helpful since there will be no more hassle with long-distance cables to your diagnostic PC.
    This PC App Wi-Fi connection mode replaces the previous device Web App Wi-Fi connection of the Device List menu.
    To access, simply configure and connect your up-to-date GS-911wifi device to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC, then select it in the Device List menu under "Wi-Fi connection":
    Device List Connection Types

GS-911 Diagnostics and GS-911wifi Web application functionality

  • Display VO, VIN, and I-Level mismatches under Controller Summary in Autoscan
  • Give reason for Summary mismatch if available
  • Display MIL warning in Controller Summary in Autoscan
  • Warn in Controller Summary about controllers missing from Autoscan but configured in VO
  • Display the backup VO if it differs
  • Refactor UI pop-up dialogs to be non-blocking but in attention grabbing color
  • Add warning popup for unreliable ECU comms if VBAT < 9V
  • Add warning popup for low Wifi signal strength
  • Add warning icon to error dialogues
  • Add link to Debug FAQ when encountering errors in web front end
  • Improved Debug Upload UI for individual files

Diagnostic functionality

  • Online K001 Instrument Cluster Coding, Backup and Coding recovery for XKOMBI, XKOMB50, XKOMB46, XKOMB03
  • Online K24 ZFE and Instrument cluster Coding, Backup and recovery
  • XDWA Coding (Automatic battery saving)
  • BMSM & BMSK Engine Coding promoted from Beta
  • K24 LED indicator retrofit, K24 DWA/RDC retrofit promoted from Beta
  • Various bugfixes


Sample screenshots:

Debug UI


BMSMP1 Coding




XDWA Coding