Controller Service

BMSMP1 Engine Controller

Disable KeyDisable a key from the known key set[F]

Function GroupFunctionDescriptionSeries Support
BMSMP1 AdaptationsReset DTC/ASCReset the adaptation values for the Dynamic Traction Control/Active Stability Control[F]
 Reset mixtureReset the adaptation values for the fuel mixture and idle forward control[F]
 Reset throttle valveReset the adaptation values for the throttle valve sensor[F]
 Reset transmissionReset the adaptation values for the transmission position sensor[F]
 Reset twistgripReset the adaptation values for the throttle twistgrip sensor[F]
BMSMP1 ConfigurationsConfigurationCoding options with online backups[F]
 Enable KeyEnable a known key with another known key[F]
 View Key StatusRead the status of the key in the ignition[F]
BMSMP1 Output TestsEngine overtemperature lightTurn the engine overtemperature light on/off[F]
 Engine warning lightTurn the engine warning light on/off[F]
 FanTurn the fan on/off[F]
 Fuel injectorsTurn the fuel injectors on/off[F]
 Fuel pumpTurn the fuel pump on/off[F]
 Oxygen sensor heatingTurn the oxygen/lambda/O2 sensor heater on/off[F]
 Secondary air valveTurn the secondary air valve servo on/off[F]
 Tank venting valveTurn the tank venting valve servo on/off[F]
 Throttle valve servoTurn the throttle valve servo on/off[F]