Controller Service

ZFE-Basic Vehicle Electronics

Function Group Function Description Series Support
ZFE Calibrations ESA Calibration Calibrate the front and rear suspension [F, K, R]
Fuelstrip Calibration Calibrate the fuelstrip [F, K, R]
Windscreen Calibration Calibrate the windscreen [F, K, R]
Reset Brake WearCheck and reset brake pad wear[K44_K1200GT]
ZFE Configuration Fuel Sensor Switch between Lever type and Film type fuel sensors [F, K, R]
Restore Coding Restore an online coding backup if available [F, K, R]
Turn Indicators Coding options with online backups [F, K, R]
Workshop Mode Toggle workshop mode [F, K, R]
ZFE Output Tests Auxiliary socket Activate the auxiliary socket [F, K, R]
Brake light Turn the brake light on/off [F, K, R]
Fuel sensor heating element Activate the fuel sensor heating element (if fitted) [F, K, R]
Heated grips Activate the grip heaters (if fitted) [F, K, R]
High beam Turn the high beam on/off [F, K, R]
Horn Turn the horn on/off [F, K, R]
Left indicator Turn the left indicator on/off [F, K, R]
Low beam Turn the low beam on/off [F, K, R]
Park light Turn the park light on/off [F, K, R]
Rear/auxiliary light Turn the rear/auxiliary light on/off [F, K, R]
Right indicator Turn the right indicator on/off [F, K, R]