Frequently Asked Question

Do you offer a trade-in program for older devices?

Yes, we do offer a trade-in program for older “yellow” GS-911 (USB & BLU) interfaces. You have the option of doing the trade-in directly with HEX or through a participating distributor.

When trading in your old GS-911 interface, no matter what variant (USB / BLU) or license type (Enthusiast / Professional), you will receive the following trade-in discount:

 US $100* discount on a GS-911wifi Enthusiast (10-Pin or OBD) purchased.
* Or estimated equivalent in your local currency

The Trade-In discount can only be applied once, and only to one GS-911wifi Interface purchased.

Any customer trading-in a “yellow” GS-911 (USB & BLU)Professional device will need to register for ProUnlimited once they have received their new GS-911wifi Enthusiast device .  Any customer trading-in a device with an Enthusiast license for a new GS-911wifi Enthusiast device will have the opportunity to subscribe to ProUnlimited.

Full information on how ProUnlimited works along with details for registering and subscribing is available here: 

The Trade-In Process

To determine if your GS-911 interface is eligible for this trade-in program, you need to do the following:

  1. Run the “GS-911 Downloader Utility” on a Windows PC.
  2. Connect your GS-911 to a USB port, and click on “Download Options”.
  3. This will launch a web page, listing your GS-911 Interface details, links to the available downloads AND will display if your interface is eligible for the trade-in program or not.
  4. Now click on “Explore the trade-in program”. This will display details about the trade-in program, and steps for submitting your trade-in request.
  5. Step 1: Ensure that your registration details are correct, if not, click “go back” and use the [change] buttons to update your details. The details will be used to contact you and to link your traded interface to your new interface.
  6. Step 2: Select the interface you would like to order on this trade in program.

Once you have reviewed your details and made your selection, click on the "generate summary for this trade-in enquiry" button. This will display a summary of the GS-911 details you are trading in, your registration details, and your selection of the GS-911wifi you would like to order.

Now you can either submit the trade-in request directly to HEX, or if you choose to upgrade via a participating distributor, you have the option to submit the trade-in request to your distributor. Please note that when you select the "submit enquiry to distributor" option, you will receive an email with details of your trade-in summary, and further instructions. You need to forward this email to your distributor, they are not notified automatically. If you do not receive the email, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.

IMPORTANT: Also print a paper copy of the trade-in summary email you receive, to include with the trade-in GS-911 interface that you will ship to HEX or your local distributor.

Once you have submitted the details to HEX or the distributor, either party will respond with further details and the delivery address, to which you have to ship the old GS-911 interface.

If you choose "direct to HEX", we will provide you with a Hex Innovate Online shop coupon code for the applicable discount, according to your trade in request.

IMPORTANT: This coupon code is valid for 6 months and can only be used once for the GS-911 Wifi Enthusiast device you selected to purchase when submitting your trade-in request.

For the trade-in program, “direct to HEX” orders will be fulfilled either from our UK based warehouse, or our South African based warehouse, thus cross border shipping, duties and taxes will apply, which are for your account.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible to ensure that the old GS-911 is delivered to the appropriate address. Use a reputable and traceable shipping method.

Once your old GS-911 is received and processed at the appropriate trade-in facility, you will be contacted and provided with further details to complete/fulfil your trade-in order.

Any extra language activations on your old GS-911 will be carried over to your new GS-911 WiFi interface.

Once you receive your new GS-911 WiFi interface, you will have to register it.