How to replace the SD card

Users are sometimes confronted with the error message “Failed to open file: x”.

First, confirm with HEX support that it is indeed your SD card that is causing trouble.

You can open the GS-911 devices’s plastic housing by applying pressure on the clips’ position as illustrated below. This will allow some space where you can wedge a small flat screwdriver in to give you some play and open the clips.

Once opened, you’ll see the SD card on the top of the GS-911’s PC board (both 10-pin and OBD-II GS-911 devices) as shown below.

You can replace the SD card with an 8GB, 16GB or 32GB SD card. It needs to be formatted in FAT or FAT32. 

Once replaced, you will need to do a firmware recovery as explained in the firmware recovery FAQ.

Once the firmware recovery completes, you need to reconfigure your network settings again for the GS-911, and you should be good to go.