May 25, 2020
May 2020 software updates available
Many more K24 coding service functions and various new UI features.

GS-911 V2004.1 is available for download as well as software updates for the GS-911wifi web interface.


Web App
-Added Desktop layout(split screen with menu on left) for browsers with wider screen.
-Added Graph display of Realtime values. Unlimited variables on upto 2 different units/axis and start/stop functionality.
-Realtime value selection panel now also shows units (to aid selection restriction for graphing)
-Added LED and buzzer test to web app under Options. Similar ability to IOS and Android. Helps to physically identify/locate device
-Added Changelog link to Update Panel
-Added Realtime values for DWA Alarm controller
-Moved 'home' button to top of page and breadcrumbs to the left
-Options panel cleanup
-Deprecated support for ie8, ie9 to reduce datapack size
-Improved startup response
-Improved OnePlus device internet behaviour
-Improved fault code history for R1250GS
-Improved IABS controller detection in autoscan
-Improve display of device serial numbers >9999

Cloud service functions (PC App and Web App)
-Added remove 299kmph max display on KOMBI46 (S1000RR)
-Added throttle grip calibration on XBMSMP1 for R and S series
-Added coding config for DWA alarm controller (arm lights and sound, alarm lights and sound, automatic arm, etc).
-Added indicator config coding for ZFEB, ZFEL (HP2, F800R/S/ST/GT)
-Added display unit config coding for KOMBI18, KOMBI2D, KOMBI71 (F700,F800,C600,C650, Husqvarna Nuda,Terra)
-Added service reminder config coding for KOMBI, KOMBI2D, KOMBI71, KOMBI18 (R1200,F700,F800,C600,C650, Husqvarna Nuda, Terra)
-Improved wording for XABS9M and XBMSMP1 on F-Series


Sample screenshots from the GS-911wifi web app: