Frequently Asked Question

What is an I-level?

The I-levels (Integration level) are 2 sets of numbers known as the Factory I-level and the Dealer Organisation or Actual I-level. These I-levels represent the software/data release versions programmed into the vehicle and are shown in the ECU information screen.

  • The Factory I-level (sometimes referred to as the "model I-level", represents the software release when the vehicle was built. ("W" in German for "Werk" (Factory))
  • The Actual I-level (sometimes referred to as "vehicle data release", represents the current software release programmed in the vehicle. ("HO" in German for "Handelsorganisationen" (Dealer organisation))
  • For K001 bikes a Backup I-level was introduced to presumably store the I-level during a firmware upgrade in case of an error condition that needs to be rolled back.

The I-level typically looks as follows: K024-09-08-500,


  • the 1st set ("K024") represent the chassis/build type (K024 represents all CAN-bus enabled models) ,
  • the 2nd set ("09") represents the year of the release,
  • the 3rd set ("08") represents the month of the release and
  • the 4th set ("500") represent a version for that release - a bug fix or update on this could be: K024-09-08-550 or K024-09-08-600

The I-levels are found in the Engine, Instrument Cluster or Body Controller and are NOT always set in every control unit.

NOTE: If your motorcycle does not have the latest I-level, it does NOT necessarily mean that it's Firmware is out of date or that it needs a Firmware update.

The ECU's have a limited number of times that the Firmware can be updated, and thus a Firmware update is only released by BMW, for specific models when required.