Frequently Asked Question

What does the GS-911 wifi utility do?

What is the WiFi Utility?

The WiFi utility is supported on Mac and Windows and can be used to configure the WiFi connections, update the device firmware, change device registration and to locate the GS-911 device on a network in order to establish a browser based connection.

Once located and opened in a browser, the user can perform  emergency functionality from the built in web server of the GS-911 device and use the Hex cloud server to perform service functions on the bike. This means that when using the WiFi utility for locating a device and performing service functions, a stable internet connection is required, either through a router connected to the internet or a mobile hotspot.

What are the sections of the WiFi Utility?

The top section (Device Connected to USB) shows the device details of the GS-911 device connected via USB. It will display a serial number only if a WiFi network has not been configured for the device. The [Show device details] button provides additional information that may be required by the support help desk.

The middle section (Configure WiFi) will display the available WiFi networks as detected by the GS-911 device when instructed to [Scan for Networks].

The bottom section (Devices detected on WiFi) will display the available GS-911 devices that have been successfully configured to connect to the same WiFi network that the device running the utility is connected to.

How do I use the Wifi Utility?

Click the (1) [Scan for networks] button. It will list all the (2) WiFi networks that have been found in the range of your GS-911wifi device. Select your network SSID and enter the (3) WiFi network password , then click the (4) [Connect to network] button to join this network.

The top section of the GS-911wifi Utility (5) will show the WiFi network to which your device is connected.

The ‘devices detected on WiFi section’ (6) will display the serial and IP numbers of all connected GS-911wifi devices. Click the [Refresh device list] button to see an updated list. Then select the device to open a browser to.

See the screenshot below for easy reference.​

Wifi Utility