September 9, 2019
September 2019 software updates available
Support for C400X and C400GT Scooters, and added service functions on specific controllers.

GS-911 V1908.1 is available for download as well as software updates for the GS-911wifi web interface.

 New bike models supported:

  • C400X Scooter
  • C400GT Scooter

 Added service functions:

XBMSO1 ( R1250XX (K50, K51, K52, K53 K54)) Engine controller service functions:

  • Actuations for Engine Warning Light, Engine Coolant Light, Fan, Fuel pump, Exhaust Flap, Throttle valve servo, Tank venting valve, Switching camshaft adjustor, Fuel injectors.
  • Adaptations/Calibrations for DTC/ASC, Fuel mixture, Twistgrip, Throttle valve, Transmission
  • Configuration of Demo/Showroom Mode

XBMSE2B (K001 G310XX (K02, K03)) Engine controller service functions:

  • Actuations for Engine Warning Light, Engine Coolant Light, Fan, Fuel pump, Fuel injectors, Idle actuator.
  • Adaptations/Calibrations for idle actuator
  • Configuration of Demo/Showroom Mode

XBMSMP1 (K001 RnineT XX(K21, K22, K23K32, K33)) Engine controller service functions:

  • Adaptation/Calibration for Engine sync

ZFEH ( K24 R1200 and K24 F800) Body controller service functions:

  • Coding of Turn indicator off time/distance

 Changes to both the GS-911 PC app and GS-911wifi web interface

  1. Various improvements and bug fixes

 Changes specific to the GS-911wifi web interface

  1. Now uses Hex Innovate colors and logo.
  2. Now has Google Translate built in when in infrastructure mode (under Options menu)



If you would like the ability to perform coding (Instrument cluster changing of units, e.g. miles/km, Celsius/Fahrenheit, Bar/PSI) on the following controllers (XKOMBI, XKOMB50, XKOMBI46, XKOMB03 (K1600, R1200, S1000, G310)) then please contact Hex to join our beta testing group.


Sample screenshots from the GS-911wifi web interface:


New service functions


New service functions


New service functions


Google Translate


New service functions