October 25, 2022
October 2022 Software and firmware updates

GS-911 Diagnostics and GS-911wifi Web application functionality

  • Support for the CE04 with the XAE and XOBC2 Controllers
  • Support for Danish in the Application frontend
  • XKOMBILO Instrument cluster coding
  • XKOMBI53 Instrument cluster coding
  • Program remote controls for DWA
  • KOMBI7 Alarm LED display time, and temperature display coding support
  • KOMB18 Tyre pressure display
  • Additional safety checks for key disable functions
  • VO changing function now only served where backups can be made
  • Added SD Memory Card test
  • Added LED activity indicator for SD Memory Card
  • New SVG icons for Controller Health Summary
  • Updated Fault Codes, TSNs
  • Seperate R18 Models Menu into Bagger, Transcontinental, Classic
  • Various Bugfixes


KOMB17 - Extended Coding


DWA - Learn remote

KOMB18 - Extended Coding