Controller Service

CAN-Kombi-K7 Instrument Cluster

Function GroupFunctionDescriptionSeries Support
KOMBI Cluster Output TestsActuate ABS LED[F, R]
Actuate Anti Theft LED[F, R]
Actuate Dials[F, R]
Actuate Fuel Reserve LED[F, R]
Actuate High Beam LED[R, F]
Actuate Left LED[F, R]
Actuate Neutral LED[F, R]
Actuate Oil Pressure LED[F, R]
Actuate Red LED[F, R]
Actuate Right LED[R, F]
Actuate Yellow LED[F, R]
Cluster Self TestTest the needle gauges and bulbs on the cluster[F, R]
KOMBI Cluster SettingsConfigurationSelect units and configure service pre-reminders (coding with online backup)[R, F]
Display SettingsCustomise cluster display (coding with online backup)[R, F]
Reset service reminderChange the service reminder to an auto or custom generated date/distance[R, F]
Restore CodingRestore an online coding backup if available[R, F]
Set cluster date/timeChange the bike date/time to the computer date/time[R, F]