November 10, 2021
November 2021 Firmware update available

New Features (PC Diagnostics App and Web App): 
Added K34 R18 menu
Added K66 M1000RR menu
Support XKOMBA (10" TFT)
Support XMRR (Medium Range Radar for ACC)
Support XSLZ03 (Keyless entry)
Support XABSVI (ABS)
Recognize models of new R1250RT, RnineT, R1250GSA, S1000R, G310
Added Realtime Values for XSLZ(Keyless), XKOMBIHI(TFT), XEWS4(Immobilizer)
Display unknown controllers detail in Autoscan
Add Ability to Purchase Language from Setup menu
Add [Clear All Faults] button to Autoscan (if has faultcodes)
Add [Rescan] button on Autoscan, ECU Info, Fault codes
Add view stats option checkbox to RTVs
Add FCC ID to About page
Add [Start/Stop] button for RTVs
Add stats to end of RTV logfile
Add VIN to RTV logfile heading
Display min/max/average or first/last/#changes for RTV stats
Show network type in right bottom corner
Automatically perform Autoscan if wake from low power/sleep
Display more optional (e.g. Alarm, Keyless) controllers in menus
Make distributor contact details clickable
Wake on CAN in low power/sleep
Logging of UI errors to debug log

Service functions:
DWA and RDC Retrofit and Removal for K24 Instrument Clusters(Beta)
ZFE Coding Workshop Mode
Service Reminder Reset for XKOMBIA

RDC now allows 8 digit sensor values
Use correct SI abbreviations for miles(mi).
Better ALT displays for image disabled or blind readers
Remove decimal display for rpm and mBar
Add label to Autoscan progress bar and grey out left menu
Rename Special functions to Service Reminder / Vehicle Functions
Move GUI version to top of AboutPanel
Disable debug if user wishes to download/upload log
Change clear fault confirmation panel to alert
add explicit [copy URL to clipboard] button in Remote Control Panel
Change most links to buttons
Demote VIN mismatch in Autoscan from error to warning
KOMBI18 Service Reminder does not complain about incomplete responses anymore
Fix IABS3 service function timeouts
More accurate KLine FastInit INTERBYTE_TIME
Better handling of multiple controller multipacket CAN packets for CAN F700/F800
More reliable datapack by force sync fileblocks during extract
Better handle ignition events after service function ends
Improve registration redirect
Fixed Web App complaining that VUSB too low during upgrade when USB not connected
Fix negative numbers in Realtime Value Log to SD Card
Provide better error messages from cloud server during Service function fail
Fix D2D pushbutton bug for WILC devices out of Infrastructure range
Log and display Wonderwheel direction as -1,0,1
Handle BMSC controllerIDs 2-4 better in service functions
Allow text in K24 Vehicle Orders
Support radiobuttons in K24 retrofit functions
Progress bar for Wifi Scan
Progress bar for debug upload
Show remote control duration

Sample screenshots: