July 3, 2018
July 2018 software updates available
Support for 2016+ bike models: F800GS, F800GSA, F800GT, F800R, F700GS, G310GS and G310R, as well as service reminders for XKOMBIHI TFT instrument clusters and service functions for the XBCO body controller on K001 bike models.

GS-911 PC Application Version 1807.2 and updates to the GS-911wifi web interface are now available.

New EU-4 compliant bike models supported:

  • F800GS (K72) 2016+
  • F800GSA (K75) 2016+
  • F800GT (K71) 2017+
  • F800R (K73) 2017+
  • F700GS (K70) 2017+
  • G310GS (K02) 2017+
  • G310R (K03) 2016+


New service functions for both the GS-911 PC app and GS-911wifi cloud:

  • Reset service reminder on XKOMBIHI TFT instrument cluster (see note below)
  • XBCO body controller on K001 bike models


Changes specific to the PC application:

  • New certified and signed USB drivers for Windows 7-10 used by generation 1 GS-911usb/blu (yellow devices)
  • Fixed an application crash when updating the PC app


Changes specific to the GS-911wifi web interface:

  • List up to 16 wi-fi access points
  • Support Unicode special characters in wi-fi SSID access point names

Affected bike models

Service reminders for the XKOMBIHI TFT instrument cluster affect K001 models: R1200GS/GSA LC.

Cloud service functions for the XBCO body controllers affect K001 models: R1200GS/GSA/R/RT/RS LC, K1600GT/L, and S1000XR.

Note about resetting service reminders on XKOMBIHI TFT instrument clusters

The XKOMBIHI cluster controller only supports service intervals in increments of 100 km (63 miles). This is the same restriction that we have seen on XKOMBI53 (R1200 LC) and XKOMBILO (R nineT) instrument clusters. If you enter a custom service distance, the GS-911 software will automatically round the interval to the nearest 100 km increment on your behalf to prevent the controller from returning an error. This means that the actual service distance reported on your bike could be slightly different from the value that you chose, but it will be within a 100 km range from your chosen value.

Sample screenshots from the GS-911wifi web interface


BMSMP1 engine controller cloud service menu for F800GS / F800GSA / F800GT / F800R / F700GS


XBCO body controller cloud service menu