Controller Service

XKOMBIHI Instrument Cluster

Function Group Function Description Series Support Beta Group
Beta Functions Shift Light Activated and customise the gear shift light [C, S, R, F]
Coding Functions Configuration Select units for distance, time, temperature, consumption etc. [C, S, R, F]
Lap Screen / Racetrack settings Coding for Sport Menu 2 with lap time data, and activation of Racetrack menu settings. [C, S, R, F]
RDC Display Settings Activate menu items and change displayed pressure set points [C, S, R, F]
Restore Coding Restore an online coding backup if available [C, S, R, F]
Speed Display Options Maximum speed display limit, and true speed display options [C, S, R, F]
Sport Screen Activate and customise the Sport Screen display [C, S, R, F]
Startup Animation Select the animation displayed by the cluster when booting up [C, S, R, F]
Tachometer Customisation Choose the maximum RPM and the red-range behaviour [C, S, R, F]
XKOMBI Functions Reset service reminder Change the service reminder to an auto or custom generated date/distance [C, S, R, F]
Set cluster date/time Change the bike date/time to the computer date/time [C, S, R, F]