December 20, 2019
December 2019 software updates available
Support for 2019+ S1000RR and HP4 RACE, and additional cloud service functions.

GS-911 V1912.1 is available for download as well as software updates for the GS-911wifi web interface.

 New bike models supported:

  • 2019+ S1000RR
  • 2019+ HP4 RACE

 Added service functions:

  • Additional cloud service functions on XBMSMP1 controllers for S and K Series

 Changes to both the GS-911 PC app and GS-911wifi web interface

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

 Changes specific to the GS-911wifi PC App

  • Now uses Hex Innovate colors and logo.

 Changes specific to the GS-911wifi web interface

  • Allow ISO 8859 character set in TXT display
  • Better display of unknown environmental variables of fault codes for K24 bikes
  • Better fallback for missing translations in French, Spanish, Chinese and German.
  • More stringent date and number validation in the cloud service functions.



If you would like the ability to perform coding (Instrument cluster changing of units, e.g. miles/km, Celsius/Fahrenheit, Bar/PSI) on the following controllers (XKOMBI, XKOMB50, XKOMBI46, XKOMB03 (K1600, R1200, S1000, G310)) then please contact Hex to join our beta testing group.


Sample screenshots from the GS-911wifi web interface: