April 15, 2024






  • GS-911 Diagnostics v2404.7

  • GS-911wifi Firmware v292; Datapack v271


Your GS-911 Diagnostics and GS-911wifi Web Application Functionality

We are thrilled to share an exciting update, which brings several highly anticipated features, including the option to personalise the light intensity of the XBCL multifunction rear lights.

Additionally, you will be able to activate a feature designating the centre brake light as an alternative tail light, applicable to specific BMW models equipped with a centre brake light. Once activated, you can independently set the light intensity of the centre light, separate from the multifunction indicators.

You will now have the capability to adjust the light intensity of the 'red' brake/tail light within the multifunction indicators.


This update offers the flexibility for you to enable/disable XBCL cruising lights, choosing between front only, rear only, or both. Moreover, you can select distinct brightness levels for cruising lights during the day and night.


Another exciting feature allows you to customise the threshold of your tyre pressure alarm in the XRDC. This includes setting a standard assigned pressure as well as minimum and maximum pressures independently for the front and rear tyres. This feature is particularly beneficial if you are opting for lower tyre pressures in specific terrains, such as sand.


This update features two new functions in regards to the tachometer display on the XKOMBIHI.
You will now have the option to configure the tachometer upper range (that is the area displayed in red) according to your engine temperature. Ideal if you wish to be mindful of your revs at different engine temperatures.

This update also provides you with the ability to set the indicated tachometer limit. This display function may vary depending on your model of motorcycle. For example: A displayed 15 000 RPM limit may display differently between an Urban, Sport, or Adventure motorcycle.



Other new features include:

  • The system will now automatically scan and match detected controllers under vehicle select/detect menu when a bike is autodetected and the ignition is on.
  • This update will display the most generic controller name or the controller type, as the menu name and in an Autoscan.

  • You will see that the controller name Acronyms will now be displayed in the breadcrumb heading to aid legibility.

  • We have added a hovering ‘Scroll-to-top’ button in Autoscan to optimise user navigation.

  • You will notice that there is now better visual distinction between separate controllers and fault codes in Autoscan.

  • This update provides improved filtering of your ‘Fault Code History’, to suppress out of bound environmental variables.

  • There are now reduced false alarm mismatches of ‘Unknown VINs’, and ‘Unset Levels’ in Autoscan Summary.

  • This update allows the GS-911 to use backup information from ‘Instrument Cluster’, to improve ‘BikeInfo’ in the Autoscan.

  • We have added a “Reset to Factory Defaults” function, under Setup>Options. This gives you, or your dealer, the ability to easily remove all configuration settings and return the setup to a factory default.

  • There is improvement to the VBAT and VIGN detection for Autoscan and the Detected Vehicle menu.

  • The update adds the detected VIN number to the filename of your Autoscan download. Thereby giving you the improved ability to identify and reference historical Autoscans.

  • We have added a ‘Progress bar’ for any long running Fault Code Reads.

  • Scanned WiFi Access Points will now be automatically sorted according to signal strength for GS-911wifi devices fitted with the WILC WiFi module.

  • The Network Test statistics display has been simplified.

  • The current update adds more Real Time values for the R 1300 GS controllers XSLZ4, XCCP, XMMR, XSSR, XKOMBB2, and XWAVE.

  • There is now the addition of model detection for the new 2023 M 1000 XR and S 1000 XR.

  • Lastly, we have added separate menus for 2022+ K1600GT, GTL, and the Bagger - which support  the newer 10” XKOMBA Instrument Cluster and XBMSO1 Engine Controller modules.