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What do all the funny numbers in an Autoscan mean?


Example : 0x0F8B00
Meaning : A unique  hexadecimal number chosen by the OEM to be ID for this controller type.

Program Count

Example : 0
Meaning : The number of times the firmware on the controller has been re-programmed since the initial programming/manufacturing date.

Number of FW configurations

Example : 13
Meaning : The number of Firmware Sections in the programming memory of this Controller. The scan will normally list all the sections with their Type, Firmware ID and Firmware version.

Fault Code Value

Example : 0x3039 (12345)
Meaning : A hexadecimal number (optionally followed by the decimal equivalent on K24 chassis bikes) chosen by the OEM to be the ID for this fault condition.

Frequency Count

Example : 2
Meaning : The number of times this fault code has occurred without being cleared.

Logistic (Healing) count

Example : 40
Meaning : The number of times the controller has to be power cycled without the fault re-occurring before it will be cleared automatically. 0 implies it will never be cleared.

Record Number

Example : 2
Meaning : The index count of the group of environmental variables that were recorded when last this fault code occurred.

Absolute Time

Example : 5254235
Meaning : A timestamp generated from an internal counter on the bike counting the number of seconds since the counter has wrapped.  The counter is started during manufacturing and wraps roughly every 194 days.

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