Frequently Asked Question

How do I activate a purchased upgrade/activation?

After completing an upgrade or additional language activation purchase, you will be redirected to an instruction page to complete the process. If you have any trouble completing the process (e.g. Power or WiFi loss), please use the your GS-911 diagnostic application with an active internet connection to automatically activate your upgrade:

  1. App already open on the Device Activations menu from before purchasing:
    • Use the 'Synchronize activations' button
  2. GS-911 app is not open (or not on the Device Activations menu):
    • For the GS-911 Web App ensure you are in infrastructure mode with internet access
    • For the GS-911 Diagnostics App ensure your PC has internet and your GS-911 device is connected via USB
    • Open the GS-911 App and navigate to Setup->Update->Check for Updates