Frequently Asked Question

How do I get a different translation?

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Currently we support 7 language translations - English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Dutch, and Danish.

These translations are available in the Windows PC Diagnostics app, the GS-911wifi mobile version and the old Windows PC GS-911 app.

The translations are done by the Tier1 distributors, and all their customers can download their respective translation at no additional cost.  These translations are available to anyone, but if you are NOT a customer of the distributor that is responsible for that translation, you will be charged a once-off fee of US$59.

How do I select, purchase or download a language?

In the Diagnostics and mobile app you can select a language from Setup->Options->Language Selection. New languages can be purchased under Setup->Device Activations.

For older yellow devices run the Windows Downloader Utility which will give an option to purchase and download a different language version of the older Windows PC GS-911 App.

Will you consider any other translations?

We are currently considering Italian as a further translation - all other remaining languages are too small within the BMW market.