Controller Service

XBMSX Engine Controller

Function GroupFunctionDescriptionSeries SupportBeta Group
BMSX AdaptationsReset DTC/ASCReset the adaptation values for the Dynamic Traction Control/Active Stability Control[S, R, K]
Reset knock sensorsReset the adaptation values for the knock sensors[S]
Reset mixtureReset the adaptation values for the fuel mixture and idle forward control[S, K, R]
Reset throttle valveReset the adaptation values for the throttle valve sensor[S, K, R]
Reset transmissionReset the adaptation values for the transmission position sensor[S, K, R]
Reset twistgripReset the adaptation values for the throttle twistgrip sensor[S, K, R]
BMSX ConfigurationsDisable KeyDisable a key from the known key set[K]
Enable KeyEnable a known key with another known key[K]
Switch RPM limitEnable or disable the controller limit on engine speed[S, R]
Switch demo modeEnable or disable the showroom/demo mode[S, R, K]
View Key StatusRead the status of the key in the ignition[K]
BMSX InformationView FASTA 1 ProfileA summary of the Engine FASTA 1 information:[S, R, K]
View Over-RevA summary of the Engine Overspeed information:[S, R, K]
BMSX Output TestsEngine overtemperature lightTurn the engine overtemperature light on/off[K, S, R]
Engine warning lightTurn the engine warning light on/off[K, S, R]
Exhaust flapTurn the exhaust flap servo on/off (if fitted)[K, S, R]
FanTurn the fan on/off[K, S, R]
Fuel injectorsTurn the fuel injectors on/off[K, S, R]
Fuel pumpTurn the fuel pump on/off[K, S, R]
Oxygen sensor heatingTurn the oxygen/lambda/O2 sensor heater on/off[K, S, R]
Secondary air valveTurn the secondary air valve servo on/off[K, S]
Tank venting valveTurn the tank venting valve servo on/off[K, S, R]
Throttle valve servoTurn the throttle valve servo on/off[K, S, R]