November 8, 2020
November 2020 Firmware upgrades available
Firmware upgrade available


- Add support for K83 F900R, K84 F900XR
- Add support for K69 S1000XR
- Add support for XDWA Realtime values
- Add support for KOMB181 controllers
- Add websocket client for Remote Control
- Attempt to determine VIN early, when VBAT detected and browser attached
- Use consistent indication of hexadecimal numbers throughout
- More accurate F850 realtime values
- Fix Vehicle Order decode for some K24 bikes
- Fix fault code environmental variables for ZFEH
- Fix MA24 configuration decode
- Better ABS2 Fault Code Count Display
- Firmware support for a new Wifi chip

Web App

- Improve Panel organisation to simplify navigation to Autoscan
- Add Detected vehicle link and highlight detected vehicle in menus and breadcrumbs
- Add Setup link
- Add Internet Remote control Panel
- Add Battery health to Autoscan
- Add Controller health summary with tooltips to Autoscan
- Add prettyprint to Autoscan
- Show Wifi Module Type in AboutPanel
- Cache Autoscan and add [Rescan] button
- Add icons to menus and print, download, email
- Moved Cloud Service Functions menu to left Panel
- Add timestamps to Debug file list
- Added support for Dutch
- Complete Chinese and French translations

Cloud service functions (Web App)

- Add 2019+ S-Series Knock sensor reset and RPM limiter remove
- Add database recovery to K24 Controller Coding
- Add 299 display restriction remove for K001 bikes i.e. XKOMBI46 in Beta
- Add service reminder to instrument cluster functions
- Add explicit VBAT check to service reminder reset and kombi coding functions
- Add service reminder reset for C Evolution
- Detect coding index restrictions in K24 controllers
- Improved button layout in various functions

Sample screenshots from the GS-911wifi web interface: