September 5, 2022
GS-911 Legacy has been released

In August 2022 the previous generation of desktop GS-911 Software has been released with a new name: GS-911 Legacy.

This marks the end of support in the previous generation Windows software for red devices (GS-911wifi and GS-911 USB G2)  that has had access to the new generation GS-911 Diagnostics desktop software since November 2021.

Yellow devices (GS-911usb, GS-911blu, 3-pin) are still supported in the GS-911 Legacy software, but will receive no new features or new supported bikes going forward, save for bug fixes or other critical changes. Additionally, Husqvarna models that were previously only supported with red devices are now also supported with yellow devices in the GS-911 Legacy application.

Please refer to this FAQ for more info: