December 10, 2021

The new GS-911 Diagnostics Windows PC application released in November 2021 has the following updates included in v2112.4:

Application functionality

  • Enable WiFi Setup menu and improve device configuration synchronisation
  • More accurate WiFi RSSI indication for devices with ATWILC modules
  • Only bundle required locale resources files with the installation
  • Refactor Menu link caching to prevent stale UI data (autoscan, service function list)
  • Redetermine WiFi device connection state in case of scan timeout
  • Reload device after attempted license recovery
  • Improved Service Function data logging
  • Updated version headings in Autoscan

Diagnostic functionality

  • Improve Autoscan on bikes with missing instrument clusters
  • Improved some service function translations
  • Auto restart service function if previous function not cancelled
  • Fix custom service reminders for units in Miles