April 5, 2023
April 2023 Software and firmware updates

New versions

  • GS-911 Diagnostics v2304.2
  • GS-911wifi Firmware v1.76 - 0.261; Datapack v237


GS-911 Diagnostics and GS-911wifi Web application functionality

  • Add XSLZ03 Controller Tyre Pressure Monitoring service functions - The Tyre Pressure monitoring functions are now integrated into the Keyless Entry Controller on e.g. R18 bikes.
  • Add XABSVI Bleed tests service functions - This provides brake bleed functionality for R18, R1250RT, CE04.XABSVI bleed functions
  • Support the XTPM4G Controller - Support the next generation 4G version of the Emergency Telematics Controller on newer BMW bikes
  • Battery Monitoring with Push Notifications - A permanently installed GS-911 device monitors the vehicle battery voltage via the diagnostics port and, when enabled, notifies the registered user via an email from the hex cloud server when the battery voltage drops below 12 V. Potentially prevents premature battery drainage to below safe levels.Battery Monitoring
  • Real-time Value Selection persists - The selection Panel of the Real-time Values variables now remembers which variables you selected previously, even between device power-offs. This provides increased convenience for the end user that is trying to troubleshoot values between rides.
  • Combined language and Pro Activation panel - We provide a Combined Device Activation Panel to simplify the Setup menu.Combined activations
  • Added Special Builds/A-Series menu  - An explicit list of custom vehicles and engines that uses BMW engines and controllers e.g. Campagne T-Rex 16 three wheeler, Rosenbauer FOX3 fire engine to provide convenient, unambiguous navigation.A-Series
  • Added underlining of Vehicle Order, Controller firmware and Fault Code History expansions in the Autoscan - This better visually indicates clickability. 
  • Real-time Values and Graphs can now be printed - When Real-time Value / Graph display is paused, a print icon appears which enables the user to print the current values / graph indicating Model, Controller and date/time. This provides increased convenience for the end user that is trying to compare real time values by creating a downloadable/printable permanent record.
  • Improved default filename according to Bike Model and controller for download/print functions.
  • Added Danish and updated various other Fault Codes. Fault Codes for all controllers should now be visible in Danish when selected as the language choice.
  • Better handling of combined DWA (Alarm) and RDC (Tyre Pressure) Controllers on K24 bikes.
  • A more specific font for better website and brand alignment.
  • Improved default keypress handling on UI popups.
  • Various Bug-fixes

GS-911 Diagnostics Application

  • All Printable reports can now be downloaded as PDF directly from the Diagnostic App. Any existing report page or panel that had an explicit print icon (Autoscans, ECU Info, Fault codes, paused RTV values and Graphs, etc.) will now also display a ‘download as PDF’ button. This provides increased convenience for the end user that wants these reports for permanent record in a standardised printable format on operating systems that does not support it natively.