Frequently Asked Question

Why am I getting a "protection error" when I install/run on my Windows 10+ PC?

Since the release of Windows on ARM with Windows 10 it has been possible to use Windows with processors other than the usual x86/x64 types and various Laptops have been released using e.g. Snapdragon (ARM) CPUs. Windows on ARM implements emulation to support x86/x64 software on ARM, but this causes incompatibility issues in some cases - such as the GS-911 Diagnostics PC App and its installer.

When launching the GS-911 Diagnostics PC App or its installer on a Windows on ARM PC you might see a "Internal protection error, please contact support" message and the software will freeze/crash. To make the software work you need to enable "Safe emulation" in the file properties: Right-click on the "GS-911Diagnostics-vYYMM.V.exe" and select "Properties->Compatibility->Change emulation settings->Safe emulation":