Frequently Asked Question

Which wifi router and settings do you recommend?

We have tested a variety of wifi access points and wireless routers and found some to be better than others. *Some* actually comply to the 802.11 wireless specifications...

TP-Link is a really inexpensive, but great little access point/router/bridge.  It is small, compact and powered by a 5V microUSB connection. And best of all, it is available for less than $20!  Just Google it ... and you should find a couple of great deals!


Once you have an access point, please ensure that you configure it correctly - some settings (like disabling AP isolation) are essential, while others are highly recommended:

WMM: disabled - WMM prioritizes traffic in different classes and giving precedence to voice and video over other types of traffic. In theory it is useful on an AP with a lot of mixed traffic but it may also limit throughput for a GS-911wifi.

Short GI: disabled - Short Guard Interval decreases the time between data characters being sent wirelessly. In an optimal radio environment that could increase throughput but in less than optimal conditions it will instead lead to errors, retransmissions, instability and decreased performance. If you're an RF-engineer you know when you can enable it, but for the rest of us, it is safer to leave it disabled.

AP Isolation: disabled - this is essential! It is a security setting intended for public wifi networks (eg. shopping malls and airports) so that one device cannot see another device on the same network... naturally your PC, phone or tablet must be able to see the GS-911wifi device!