Frequently Asked Question

What is your development roadmap?

What will the short term future hold (the upcoming version):

  • XABSVI Service functions
  • XSLZ03 Tyre Pressure monitoring functions
  • XTPM4G Controller support
  • K001 Coding functions for Body Controllers(signal indicator cancel time, etc.)

We are investigating:

  • Battery health monitoring
  • Troubleshooting description for fault codes
  • Retrofit / remove of XDWA
  • Integrated Wifi configuration and firmware upgrade for MacOS
  • Re-coding/marrying of replaced control units
  • Expanding Service functionality for the Active suspension (SAF) units

Suggestions and Beta testers:

  • Suggestions are always welcome. Please send a mail to our support HelpDesk detailing your suggested feature.
  • We are always looking for technically minded Beta testers or users with partially supported bikes: Contact us if you are interested in being part of the BETA Testers.