Frequently Asked Question

What is your development roadmap?

What will the short term future hold (the upcoming version):

  • Auxiliary lights, Heated Grip and Alarm Retrofits
  • More Display Unit Configurations for TFT Instrument Clusters
  • Light brightness Configuration for XFSA and XBCO (Satellite and Body Controllers)

We are investigating:

  • Troubleshooting description for fault codes
  • Battery health monitoring
  • Re-coding/marrying of replaced control units
  • Expanding Service functionality for the Active suspension (SAF) units

Suggestions and Beta testers:

  • Suggestions are always welcome. Please send a mail to our Support Helpdesk detailing your suggested feature.
  • We are always looking for technically minded BETA testers or users with partially supported bikes. So if you know your way around the wiring of a bike and/or the configuring of a PC (or ideally both), please do not hesitate to contact our Support Helpdesk to become part of the BETA Testers. Make sure to also include an Autoscan of your bike and we will make sure to send you plenty of new features to test!