Frequently Asked Question

How does Remote Control work?

The Remote Control functionality of GS-911 creates a secure connection via the Hex Cloud server that allows anyone on the Internet to remotely control your GS-911 device using the unique link(URL) provided. This link can be shared (email, phone, etc.) with anyone that wants to temporarily take control of your GS-911 device to perform diagnostic functions remotely.

You need to remain on the Remote GS-911 Control page while a remote user is controlling your application in order to keep it active. Selecting Disconnect or browsing away from the page will terminate the remote control session of your GS-911 device.

For the best experience you should be in real-time communication with the remote user, since you could be asked to perform physical functions on the bike whilst they are using remote control to perform e.g. service functions.



Where: Wifi Router/AccessPoint, Any device with a Browser and Wifi