Frequently Asked Question

What do all those Acronyms mean?

As in every field there is a learning curve. Some of the common acronyms are listed here.


Acronyms and Abbreviation

°KW Grad Kurbelwelle Degrees crankshaft (referenced to zero at the top, as far as we can tell)
ABS Antilock Braking System
ASC Automatischen Stabilitäts-Control Automatic Stability Control
Beh Behörde Official
BMS-C BMS-Compact Engine controller for 650 single spark and C1
BMS-CII BMS-Compact II Engine controller for 650 twin spark and G650
BMS-K Engine controller for CAN-bus bikes
BMS-KP Engine controller for later CAN-bus bikes (required for ESA)
CAN Controller Area Network Multi master, serial, two wire data bus specified in ISO 11898 that interconnects various control units in newer model bikes (starting with R1200GS in 2004)
DISA Differenzierte Sauganlage Differential (Variable) air intake control
DKA Drosselklappen-Anstellers Throttle Valve Actuator
DKP Drosselklappen-Potentiometers Throttle-Valve Potentiometer
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DWA Diebstahlwarnanlage Anti-theft Alarm System
DZ Doppelzündung Twin Spark
ECU Electronic control unit
EHKS Elektrohydraulisches Kippständersystem Electro-hydraulic centre-stand system
ESA Elektronische Fahrwerkseinstellung Electronic Suspension Adjustment
FGR Fahrgeschwindigkeitsregler Cruise control
FL Face lift
FSV Functional Software Version
ICOM A + D Integrated Communication Optical Module ICOM A: ethernet to OBD-II interface
ICOM D: adapter from 16pin OBD-II to round 10pin Motorrad connector
I-Stufe Integrationsstufe Integration stage or I-level - 2 versions "HO" for "Handelsorganisationen" (Dealer Organisation) and "W" for "Werk" (Factory)
ISID Integrated Service Information Display
ISIS Integrated Service Information Server
ISTA The Diagnostic Application for MOSS
ISTA/P The Programming Application for MOSS
K-Line Single wire (plus ground), bidirectional (half-duplex) serial communications bus specified in ISO 9141 and ISO 14230
KOMBI Kombiinstrument Instrument Cluster
LIN Local Interconnect Network LIN Bus is a single wire serial protocol and was created in partnership between BMW, the Volkswagen/Audi Group, Volvo Cars and Mercedes-Benz, with networking and hardware technology from the Volcano Automotive Group and Motorola.
MCV Message Catalog Version
Mil Militär Military
MOSS Motorrad Online Service System
MU/Mü/Mue Modellüberarbeitung Model revision (Face Lift)
OSV Operating System Version
RDC Reifendruckkontrolle Tyre Pressure Control
TPS Throttle Position Sensor Potentiometer that measures the position
USB Universal Serial Bus
ZFE Zentrale Fahrgestellelektronik Central Frame Electronics