Frequently Asked Question

If a performance chip is used, can the GS-911 give a false reading?

Chipped bikes are always difficult to predict... however if it is a quality chip, then all should work - well...

We have the BB Power chip in our R1150GS... and the GS-911 works great... completely like it should!

Piggy-back devices, such as Techlusion or PowerCommander however, change the Injection (and/or timing) signal after the ECU, i.e. without the ECU knowing about it... thus, if you have a real-time value reading of Injection time of 2.50ms, but you are running a PowerCommander that adds another 10% at that rpm/TPS operating point, then your real-time value that you will read from the ECU will still show 2.50ms, while the actual injection pulse will be 2.75ms (because of the addition of the 10% (0.25ms) of the PowerCommander).