Frequently Asked Question

How much does shipping cost to...?

The BEST way to find out is to go to the shop page and click on the [Click to Add GS911 to cart] button...  Add as many of the different types of units you like, then continue with the checkout - You can always bail out, quit or cancel the checkout process before you even enter any of your credit card details... that way you know EXACTLY how much it will cost to ship the specific amount of GS-911 units you require, to your country!

Of course, this would also be the correct way to determine what your total price will be for whatever you are ordering from the shop (all products, including shipping).

PLEASE NOTE:  this is SHIPPING cost... there will be a VAT and Duties charge on any import. This is something that is set and controlled by every individual country... and there is NO way we can calculate it, nor include it in the shipping price!  As a reference, buying a GS-911blu Enthusiast from us in South Africa and importing it to the UK, results in an average additional cost of GBP 60. This is why we suggest you find the closest official GS-911 reseller!