Frequently Asked Question

How do I export and view the realtime data values in CSV format?

Apart from viewing Real-time data as values or a graph in the Diagnostics or Web application, you can also log these values to a file on your PC (Diagnostic App) or the internal memory card of a GS-911WiFi device if using the Web application.

Engine RPM-Throttle Graph

This is enabled by selecting the Log to Memory Card checkbox on the Real-time Values screen.

These values gets saved as .csv files which you can download to your phone or computer if using the Web application by navigating to Real-time Values->View Log History and then selecting the file. You can import the logged Real-time values in  .csv file format in LiveGraph, Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or similar applications.

If a spreadsheet application opens the file with the whole data line in one cell, then you need to modify the List Separator to be a semicolon ";" instead of a comma "," .This can normally be selected within the application itself or under the Regional settings of your Operating system.