Frequently Asked Question

Can I leave my GS-911 device connected to the bike permanently? Why does GS-911 keep shutting down?

The GS-911WiFi has a configurable sleep / low power mode which can be configured under the Setup->Options menu. It will only draw about 2.5 mA when sleep mode is activated and thus preserve your bike battery.

It can monitor:

  • if the bike battery voltage is below a specified threshold (default 10V with 0.2 V hysteresis)
  • the ignition pin (if fitted) is no longer activated
  • that CAN Bus Diagnostic activity has stopped or
  • that a browsing device is no longer connected to the GS-911

and then switch to sleep mode after a specified, configurable time interval (60-600 seconds).

During sleep / low power mode the LED will flash at 2 second intervals as described here.

The device will wake up if

  • the voltage threshold is exceeded (e.g. engine started)
  • the ignition pin is pulled high
  • CAN bus activity is detected
  • the WiFi toggle button is pressed
  • it is connected via USB cable to a computer

If the bike's diagnostic connector is not located under the seat you can use an extension cable to route the device to the connector while leaving it under the seat.