Controller Service

BMS-C II Engine Controller

Function Group Function Description Series Support
BMSC2 Adaptations Reset all adaptation values Reset all adaptations [F, G]
Reset lambda adaptation [F, G]
Reset throttle valve zero position and idle controller Reset idle actuator adaptation [F, G]
BMSC2 Output Fan Turn the fan on/off [F, G]
Fuel injector 1 Turn the fuel injector on/off [F, G]
Fuel pump Turn the fuel pump on/off [F, G]
Idle actuator 1 Turn the idle actuator on/off [F, G]
Over-temperature warning light Turn the over-temperature warning light on/off [F, G]
Oxygen sensor heating Turn the oxygen/lambda/O2 sensor heater on/off [F, G]
Tank venting valve Turn the tank venting valve servo on/off [F, G]