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GS-911 kann meinen WLAN-Router nicht sehen oder sich mit ihm verbinden!

The third party wireless module used in the GS911wifi is set for the North American frequency range. This means it can connect to WiFi channels 1-11 in the 2.4 GHz range but not the 5GHz range.

If your WiFi router is configured to auto-change channels or use channels higher than 11 or the 5GHz range, GS911wifi will have trouble connecting.

If your WiFi router is further than 10m or behind a wall, the WiFi signal quality can be negatively affected.


Navigate to Setup->WiFi Setup->Network Test and perform 'Test network packet loss'. The device will test the WiFi connection to both the Browsing device and the Hex Cloud Server. Packet loss in excess of 5% will severely affect the quality and reliability of the user experience. Move the WiFi Access Point closer to the Bike or consider installing a WiFi Repeater/Extender.

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