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Purchase a HEX GS-911 promotional device from Hexinnovate.com between 10-16 June 2024, and receive a free OBD-II/10-Pin adapter cable, worth £25 (ex VAT). This makes your HEX GS-911 diagnostic device compatible across hundreds of BMW motorcycles since the 1990s.

Also… Subscribe to ProUnlimited before 16 July 2024, using your new HEX GS-911wifi device purchased during this promotional period, and for one year’s ProUnlimited subscription you will receive an extra year free of charge! Saving you $99.

See the terms and conditions here.

Watch this independent review from the UK motorcycle group, BikeSocial


Het ULTIEME diagnosegereedschap
VOOR BMW motorfietsen

The HEX GS-911 is the essential tool for any BMW motorcycle. Whether you’re an adventurer, weekend warrior or commuter, this is your best companion. Giving you insight into what’s going on inside your motorcycle from any smartphone or laptop. You can read and clear fault codes, reset service reminders, view live data, activate outputs and much, much more.


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Unlock the full potential
of your hex gs-911

Adventure beyond limits with our NEW ProUnlimited
subscription add-on for GS-911 Wifi.

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Video afspelen

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