November 24, 2023
November 2023 Software and Firmware updates

New Versions

  • GS911 Diagnostics v2311.1
  • GS-911wifi Firmware v1.76 - 0.280;Datapack v256

GS-911 Diagnostics and GS-911wifi Web application functionality

  • Automatic detection of new 2023 models: F800GS, S1000XR, M1000XR, R1300GS
  • Emergency Support for the new 2023 R1300GSNew R1300GS
  • Added support for new controllers:
    • XCCP (Central Computing Platform)
    • XMRR2 (Mid Range Radar)
    • XSRR (Short Range Radar)
    • XSLZ4 (Keyless Entry)
    • XKOMBB2 (Instrument Cluster)
    • XWAVE (Telematics Platform)
    • XSVA (Side View Assist Controller)
  • Add Time and Date Format Configuration and Pressure Unit Coding for all K001 chassis bikes Instrument Clusters.
  • Add Unit Coding for XKOMBI18 (2016+ Scooters) and XKOMBIHI TFT Instrument Clusters - Ability to backup, restore and code the units for speed, temperature, fuel consumption.
  • Add Coding to XKOMBIHI TFT Instrument Cluster to remove the max 299 km/h speed display and enable the built-in Unit Configuration(mph/km/h) menu for US based bikes. This provides exclusive, long requested user functionality beyond the OEM features.XKOMBIHI Coding
  • Add Instrument Cluster (XKOMBIHI) Coding to select Startup Logo Animation (M-logo / Motorrad / GS / RR / etc).
  • Add Instrument Cluster (XKOMBIHI) Coding to enable Sport Screen with lean angle, brake force data, traction control data.SportMode
  • Add Instrument Cluster (XKOMBIHI) Coding to configure Sport Screen with Lap Timer,  Lap history for Top speed, max lean angle, brake force, etc.
  • Add Coding to change Indicator time-outs for XKOMBI46, XKOMBI03, XBCO, and XBCL controllers based on independently selected time and/or distance.XBCL Indicator cancellation
  • Add Body Controller (XBCL) Coding for heated grips to Customise the number of levels and intensity of each level.
  • Extended XDWA alarm coding options to allow configuration of Automatic Arming behaviour, disabling or enabling Arm/disarm Tone, and changing the Siren Sound. This provides functionality beyond the OEM feature compatibility.XDWA Custom Coding
  • Added XBMSO1 Service functions : Reset Knock sensor adaptation and reset Shift Cam adaptation. Disable RPM run in limitation after 500km.
  • Added XRDC Removal and retrofit service functionality. 
  • Display Tyre sensor IDs in the Autoscan. This provides a historical record for the user to keep track of tyre replacement or wheel swaps. 
  • Updated Optional extras in the Vehicle Order.
  • Most icons changed to scalable SVG icons

GS-911 Diagnostics application functionality

  • Automatically validate and repair datapack on each app start
  • Setup->Test SD Card->Validate Datapack validates the GS-911wifi device's datapack rather than the local PC datapack