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How do I subscribe to ProUnlimited?

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GS-911 WiFi devices can now be upgraded to perform Service Functions on an unlimited number of VINs through a new HEX subscription product called ProUnlimited.

What is ProUnlimited?

ProUnlimited replaces the previous ‘Upgrade to Professional’ process by allowing you to enter an annual payment option to unlock your GS-911 WiFi device to perform Service functions on an unlimited number of VINs (as apposed to 10 Max for the normal Enthusiast version).

Why did you stop single payment Pro and what are the advantages of ProUnlimited?

Software subscriptions are commonplace for many technology products and by moving to a flexible annual subscription, this not only provides our customers with a lower cost barrier to entry for an upgrade, it also ensures our ability to continue developing innovative functions and features for our customers in the future.

ProUnlimited will also offer subscribers priority releases to the latest features ahead of the public release.

How do I register and subscribe to ProUnlimited or view or update my payment details?

Navigate to the Setup->Device Activations menu in GS-911 and use the 'Subscribe to ProUnlimited' or 'Manage my Subscription' buttons

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Which GS-911 devices is ProUnlimited available for?

ProUnlimited is supported on GS-911 WiFi devices (both OBDII and 10-pin). 

Which countries is ProUnlimited available in?

ProUnlimited is supported in most countries globally with the exception of a few.

Please contact support if you are a customer in any of the unsupported countries and need to subscribe.

How long does my subscription last?

ProUnlimited is an annual subscription product and paid annually in advance.  The minimum subscription period is 12-months.

What happens if I don’t renew the following year?

If your ProUnlimited subscription lapses and is not successfully renewed, then your GS-911 WiFi device is returned to the previous level of Enthusiast license prior to the ProUnlimited upgrade.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

A ProUnlimited subscription automatically renews for the next 12-months at the end of the prior 12-month period.  The auto-renew can be disabled at any time on the ‘subscription management page’ by using the ‘Manage your subscription’ button from the Device Activations menu in GS-911.

Can a lapsed ProUnlimited subscription be renewed?

Any lapsed ProUnlimited subscriptions can be renewed at any time with no penalty or additional fees. Simply navigate to ‘Subscribe to ProUnlimited’ in the GS-911 software application and subscribe to a new 12-month period.

Do I need a separate ProUnlimited subscription per GS-911 WiFi device?

Yes. ProUnlimited provides unlimited VINs (for Service Functions) to a single GS-911 WiFi device and is locked to serial number.  A separate ProUnlimited subscription is required per GS-911 WiFi device.

I already have a GS-911 WiFi with a Professional license, do I need ProUnlimited?

No, a GS-911 WiFi device enabled with a Pro license provides unlimited VINs permanently.  A ProUnlimited subscription may need to be considered in the future when new and additional Pro level functionality is added to ProUnlimited.

I have a yellow GS-911 device and want to upgrade to unlimited VINs

ProUnlimited is only available on GS-911 WiFi devices (OBDII and 10-pin).  If you have a yellow device then you will need to trade-in and upgrade in order to be able to subscribe to ProUnlimited.

What happens if my GS-911 device dies during my subscription period?

The GS-911 ProUnlimited subscription is locked to your GS-911 serial number.  In the unlikely event your GS-911wifi device fails to operate and is deemed unrepairable during your subscription period, then the existing subscription can be transferred to a new GS-911wifi device which is registered to the same email address and customer.