Frequently Asked Question

How do I upgrade to the professional version?

The Professional activation enables a GS-911 device to run Service functions on an unlimited number of VINs.

Using a red GS-911 device

Navigate to the 'Setup->Device Activations' menu and select 'Upgrade to Professional Version'. A new browser window will open and guide you through online payment. Once completed, click the 'Return to interface' button.

Using the legacy yellow devices

Run the Standalone PC Application version 1408 or newer, available through the downloader utility from our downloads page. Navigate to 'Help->About' and choose the 'Upgrade to professional version' button. This will open a page in your browser. Follow the payment prompts to complete the online payment. Once completed, navigate to the 'Upgrade to professional' button again, the software will connect to the server, see that payment was completed and upgrade the license.

What does a Pro upgrade cost?

Red GS-911 WiFi device  - $400

Yellow GS-911 USB/Bluetooth device - $220

Can I transfer my Pro license to another device?

The Professional license is saved in your GS-911 device and is locked to that specific device. It works for that device alone, and thus cannot be "transferred" onto a new or replacement device.

Also have a look at "How do I choose a license?"